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A Tale of Garong River and Indigenous Peoples’ Independence

September 10, 2014

Indigenous people empowerment in Sungai Garong Village in sustainable natural resources protection and management is necessary to face the oncoming threats. This is done through participatory village planning involving men and women, children and youths.

Field Supervision Visit to Talang Mamak, Riau Province.

September 08, 2014

Field Supervision Visit to Talang Mamak held on Sept 5th until Sept 9th 2014. Followed participants from JSDF, WB, AMAN, Chip Fay, SICoLIFe, one member of MTR consultants and Samdhana

Nine Ministries-Institutions Agree to Launch National Programme for the Recognition and Protection of Customary Communities through REDD+

September 01, 2014

Nine government ministries/institutions agreed today to launch the “National Programme for the Recognition and Protection of Customary Communities (PPMHA) through the REDD+ mechanism”. This programme launched in Jakarta, 1 September 2014.



Pelatihan Hukum Kritis & Berbagi Pengalaman dalam Pelaksanaan Program Ecosystem Alliance (EA) Regio Sumetera

Date : September 22, 2014 - Location : Jambi, Indonesia

Critical Legal Training and Experience Sharing Program Implementation Ecosystem Alliance (EA) Regio Sumetera. Held in Jambi Indonesia, 22 September 2014 until 26 September 2014

Optimalisasi Peran Perempuan dalam Implementasi UU No. 6/2014 Tentang Desa untuk Penataan Kembali Sistem Kehidupan Perdesaan Secara Berkelanjutan dan Berkeadilan

Date : September 16, 2014 - Location : Jakarta, Indonesia

Held on 16 September 2014 until 19 September 2014. This training aims to optimize the role of women in the implementation of Law No. 6 of 2014-by reordering the system of rural life in a sustainable and equitable.

Diskusi Mitra dan Sinkronisasi Program Pembangunan Tambraw-Papua Barat Sebagai Kabupaten Konservasi Indonesia

Date : September 15, 2014 - Location : Sausapor, Tambraw West Papua

Held on 15 September until 16 September 2014. Discussion and Synchronization Partner Development Program Tambrauw-West Papua, for Indonesia Conservation District.