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Gender Equality in REDD+ Implementation

July 14, 2014

REDD+, like gender equality, is also envisaged to be a key component of Indonesia’s pathway towards sustainable development. The socio-economic impacts of REDD+ depend critically upon how it is designed

Empowerment for Climate Change Mitigation: Experiences of Three Indigenous Communities in Sulawesi

July 04, 2014

This book serves as recorded documentation of efforts towards the empowerment of indigenous peoples in Sulawesi to tackle climate change. This work is a collaboration between several civil society organizations

Drone for Community Mapping

July 02, 2014

For drones to be able to complement community activities, they need to be relatively affordable with good cost-benefit ratios, and also be simple, practical, and able to be collectively operated. Drones can be integrated with relatively simple geo-referen



The 2014 Summit on Women & Climate

Date : August 03, 2014 - Location : Ubud, Bali

On August 2014. The Summit will bring together environmental and women’s movement leaders from around the world.

Writing Workshop Participatory Mapping Guide and SOP

Date : July 22, 2014 - Location : Saung Dolken, Jl. Guru Muchtar, Kampung Kebon Karet, Cimahpar, Bogor.

Workshop in Bogor, 21-22 July 2014, to complete SOP and participatory mapping guide. As the materials and given to BIG that can be used to straighten the initiative One Map Policy.