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The Future is Female: Celebrating Women’s Role in Climate Adaptation

From 5-7 March 2024, the Samdhana Institute celebrated International Women's Day during an event organised by the Parara Consortium in Kemang, Jakarta. Here, a number of remarkable women from around Indonesia shared their experiences, stories of struggle and solidarity, in which traditional knowledge is helping tackle the issue of climate change. 

Semeyaan 2024

In prayer for a bountiful cropping season, “Semeyaan” is a yearly cultural practice and tradition of the Menuvu Kirinteken-Ilentungen. This year, we in Samdhana Institute, were fortunate to participate in the three-days gathering in Sezukadang community in CADT 206 in Southern Bukidnon.

A very important annual ritual, the community especially prepares for it in advance. Even some of the children set aside a hen to contribute to the offering.

Planting the Seeds of A Sustainable Local Ecosystem

“It’s better if you plant your own food instead of buying produce from the market that are grown with (harmful) chemicals,” shared Edelyn of Barangay Sta. Ana in Calatagan, Batangas. She, together with other community members, underwent training sessions on natural farming methods and related topics under Seeding Futures, a transformational development program that encourages the participants’ ability to imagine and create a better future for one’s self, family, and community.

IPs in Northern Mindanao push for representation in river basin management council

Tribal leaders from several ancestral domains pushed for representation in the Cagayan de Oro River Basin Management Council (CDORBMC) during an inter-ancestral domain gathering from June 29 until July 2, 2023 that aimed to unify the conservation efforts of Indigenous Peoples communities.

The gathering was based on the realization that physical changes in the uplands, which are mainly inhabited by the IPs, will impact on the environment in the lowland areas of the river basin.

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