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Noer Fauzi
Steering Committee for the Regional Rural Empowerment Initiative (BP2DK), Researcher at the Sajogyo Institute for Documentation and Agrarian Studies


Noer "Oji" Fauzi is a leading trainer and agrarian reform activist in Indonesia . Oji was chairperson of the Executive Body of the Agrarian Reform Consortium based in Java 1995-2002. As a national network, KPA took on a mandate to strengthen people's organizations, conduct policy advocacy and promote agrarian reform.

He is also a member of the Education Board of the Indonesian Society for Social Transformation (INSIST) based in Yogyakarta, which serves as a leading institute for broad based civil society training, facilitation, research and publications support in Indonesia. In more than 15 years working with NGOs, Oji's works have embraced several main themes: land related conflict, agrarian law and policy, agrarian questions and reform, village democratisation and autonomy, decentralization and natural resource management, social movement, participatory training, conflict resolution and policy advocacy. Oji's publications have also entered the academic realm as references for academics at Indonesian universities, including Petani dan Penguasa, Perjalanan Dinamika Politik Agraria Indonesia (Peasant and Government, Dynamics of Agrarian Politics in Indonesia) and Bersaksi untuk Pembaruan Agraria - Dari Tuntutan Lokal ke Kecenderungan Global (Testimony for Agrarian Reform- From Local Demand into the Global Mainstream). He was one of key resource persons during the development of the recent Parliament Guidelines on Agrarian Reform and Natural Resources Management, TAP MPR RI No. IX/ 2001, and is also engaged in mobilizing NGOs to collaborate with the land agency and forestry towards more open policies for agrarian reform.Oji currently serves as Executive Director of SAINS (Sajogjo Institute), the Board of Experts of the Agrarian Reform Consortium (KPA), and Lecturer at Department of Communication Science and Community Development, Bogor Agricultural University. 


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