• Leadership Development

    The Institute recognizes that too little attention has been given to leadership development and leadership transition in local non-governmental and other civil society organizations. In response, Samdhana runs a leadership program aimed at assisting NGO, other civil society leaders, their partners (including local government) to reflect upon their experiences and strengthen their leadership skills. This program encourages participants to be proactive in mentoring their own staff and in facilitating smooth leadership transitions. Peer learning and direct mentoring approaches are used. Samdhana Fellows assist in leadership training and often become longer-term mentors to local leaders.
  • Natural Resource Conflict Resolution

    This work centers on supporting efforts to increase understanding, development and implementation of Asian methods for conflict management and resolution, with a focus on conflict over access to and management of natural resources. This program includes support to legal/policy analysis and development aimed at securing community-based property rights. Priority will be placed on threatened people and ecosystems and strategies that address both internal conflict and multi party conflicts.
  • Community-led Natural Resource Management

    Samdhana Fellows have many years of experience assisting local communities to articulate existing systems of natural resources management and improving upon the economic and environmental performance of these systems. Fellows are committed to sharing their experience and continuing pressures to learn from local people about new approaches to dealing with outside pressures on their landscapes and methods to improve management.
  • Small Grants Programs

    The Institute provides grants of $ 5000 up to $ 20,000 for activities directly related to the services the Institute offers to partners