Samdhana and MCAI Kolaka

Date 08 April 2017

Training on making Bokashi

Funded by Millenium Challenge Account (MCA) Indonesia, The Samdhana Institute in consortium with P3L, Koperasi Tanggetada and YAPPLIK is implementing a project entitled Achieving Gender Equality Initiative to Improve Community Economy and Environment, in Kolaka District, Southeast Sulawesi Province. The project is developed based on green economic approach to improve household economy through low-carbon agricultural waste management. By decreasing agricultural waste in environment (i.e. by converting the waste into bokashi organic fertilizer and using it for growing ginger and other crops), the project decreases environmental risks and improve community livelihoods.

The total beneficiaries are 840 farming households in 40 villages in 8 sub-districts in Kolaka District. They are members of 120 farmer groups, each consists of at least 4 women of 7 members with women hold leadership position. With high number of beneficiaries, the project is designed to be inclusive and locally driven.

The project activities include training and assistance for the farmer groups. Adopting an integrative approach to achieve sustainability beyond the project timeframe, we combine non-technical (e.g. improving self-confidence and trust among fellow members) and technical assistances (e.g. improve production based on local inputs and access to technology, capital and market).

Capacity development is provided for project partners and targeted communities on technical and non-technical issues. This includes participatory planning; waste management, bokashi production, ginger cultivation, and community institution strengthening; technical assistance by facilitators and experts; and support with farming equipments. Networking development includes information dissemination to local media; communication with local government agencies; and cross visit for learning exchange. Cross cutting activities include monitoring and evaluation; consultations with experts on social and gender, environment, community institutional; marketing of agriculture products; and mentoring for financial and project management.

Training for field facilitator MCAI Kolaka Training for field facilitators