Happening NOW: Largest Ever Conference on Community Land Rights Convenes in Stockholm

Date 04 October 2017

Photo Courtesy of communitylandrights.org

Today (October 4, 2017), participants from 65 countries—including representatives from Indigenous Peoples, local communities, women’s groups, governments, NGOs, civil society, multilateral banks, and the private sector—are convening in Stockholm for the world’s largest international conference dedicated to advancing community and indigenous land rights. Breakout sessions will address women’s land and resources rights, the implementation gap between policy and action on the ground, and the global architecture to support rights recognition. Together, leaders from around the world will develop a shared path forward and catalyze new innovations, partnerships, and strategic road maps to advance these agendas.

Throughout the conference, the role of the private sector in securing community land rights will be a major focus, as many companies and investors have realized that insecure tenure rights pose a threat not only to their reputations, but also to their bottom lines. Companies like Illovo Sugar and New Forests are taking steps to mitigate conflicts and improve their business positions by respecting land rights.

Stay tuned https://communitylandrights.org/conferences/2017-stockholm-conference/ for more information on the outcomes, recommendations, and concrete action plans from the conference.