The Samdhana Community

Samdhana, in Sanskrit, means a peaceful coming together, a giving back.

The Samdhana Institute's vision is for a region where natural, cultural and spiritual diversity are valued and environmental conflicts are resolved peacefully, with justice and equity for all parties. Achieving this requires that communities who directly manage their local natural resources have clear rights, ready recourse to justice, strong and skilled leadership, stable financial resources and access to appropriate technical support.

Samdhana is a community of practitioners. It was formed in 2003 by a small group of individuals: conservationists, development practitioners, and human rights activists- the first Samdhana Fellows. They share a commitment of 'giving back' what they have learned to the following generations, bringing together skills, knowledge and experience, and extensive local and global networks.

The Samdhana Institute offers an institutional home and living community for those who wish to devote more of their time and energy to the work they are committed to and to mentor the next generation.

Upcoming Activities

Tenure Coalition Group Meeting

Date : April 23, 2015 - Location : Bogor
Tenure Coalition Group Meeting held in Samdhana Bogor, 23 April 2015