News & Events

Contributing to the Rebuilding of Lives

February 01, 2015

The grant support of the American Jewish World Service (AJWS) to the Indigenous Tagbanua community in Coron, Palawan, Philippines is contributing to the rebuilding of lives, beyond the emergency relief phase in the aftermath of the worst typhoon disaster

Partners Meeting REDD Preparedness Program Region Sumatra

January 30, 2015

For three days (22-24 January 2015), the Sumatra-based partners were gathering in Bogor to share how they were performing, what hampered their work and what they achieved throughout 2014.

Sharing Stories of Coastal River Jambat

January 03, 2015

Writing village stories becomes a new thing in their routines as farmers of rice and copra, splint fishermen, fishing nets and traders. I had to start with success stories of villages changing because the story of his village was uploaded to popular media



Regional Operation Meeting

Date : March 01, 2015 - Location : Bali

Samdhana Regional Operation Meeting held in Bali, 27 February 2015-1 March 2015

Pertemuan Regional Mitra Sunda Kecil Maluku ++

Date : February 28, 2015 - Location : Lombok

The meeting held in Senggigi, Lombok island, 26-28 February 2015